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Millions Recovered For Our Clients

Serving All of New Jersey

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The Reinartz Law Firm

The Reinartz Law Firm is a top-rated New Jersey personal injury law firm. We represent severely injured people in personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice matters in Essex County and throughout the state. Our clients, the legal community and the public have recognized us for our hard work and results. We have many years of experience successfully handling matters on behalf of wrongfully injured people, and treat every case with care. Big businesses and insurance companies have lawyers on their side, and so should you.

Our Dedication to You

Our clients are victims of negligence and malpractice, whose lives have been forever changed. We work tirelessly to hold the responsible parties and their insurance companies accountable and to obtain fair and just compensation for our clients. This usually involves making claims for economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and more. And our firm only gets paid when we secure a recovery for a client, on a contingent fee basis.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law is unique in that compensation is being sought for physical injury to your person. While some cases might also include claims for property loss and other economic damages, a case is not truly a personal injury matter unless there has been some form of physical or emotional injury caused by negligence.

No two personal injury cases are exactly alike, however, some can be described generally as motor vehicle accidents, premises liability matters, work injuries and medical malpractice. New Jersey has various laws that apply to each type of personal injury case. These laws cover everything from the time in which you may file a lawsuit, to determining the type and amount of monetary damages you may recover. We guide clients through the legal process and explain the law so they can make informed decisions affecting their case.

Motor vehicle accidents can result in serious injuries with long recovery periods. These cases may seem simple enough, but they are actually complex legal matters involving a number of different issues. Liability must be established by a preponderance of the evidence, injuries must often be proven to be permanent, expert witnesses must often be retained on issues of liability and damages, and evidence must be gathered and preserved from the outset.

We handle an assortment of motor vehicle accident matters involving automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, pedestrians and more. We deal with large, well-known auto insurance companies on a regular basis and litigate cases against them in court. We pursue the compensation that clients deserve for their injuries, and hold the insurance companies and their clients accountable for their actions.

Slip and Fall accidents can result in serious injuries. These cases frequently involve site inspections to locate and examine dangerous and defective conditions, retention of expert witnesses to provide opinions on liability and medical issues, and intensive search for the title owners of properties. Responsible parties may include property owners and maintainers of properties. Often injuries in these cases are caused by a failure to properly inspect and maintain premises. When this occurs, we hold the responsible parties accountable and seek compensation for all damages caused by their negligence.

New Jersey requires most business owners to have workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. If you are injured on the job, you will need to file a claim through this workers’ compensation insurance in order to receive medical benefits, temporary disability and other benefits. A lawyer can help make sure you receive all the benefits that you are entitled to under the law, and maximize your recovery. Without a lawyer, your claim will be handled exclusively by the workers’ compensation insurance company, which may not always have your bests interests in mind.

Most doctors strive to give the best care possible to their patients, but sometimes accidents or mistakes occur. When a doctor or other medical professional deviates from the accepted standard of care for their profession, and that deviation causes injury, you may have a claim for medical malpractice. Our attorneys represent wrongfully injured victims of medical malpractice throughout the state and seek compensation for damages caused by malpractice. This may include compensation for pain, suffering, disability, impairment, and loss of enjoyment of life, among others.

When a dangerous or defective product causes serious personal injury, you may have a claim against the product manufacturer, distributor, seller, maintainer and others who individually or collectively brought the product to market. These claims typically require the retention of expert witnesses in a variety of technical fields to establish that the subject product is defective. Products in these cases can be virtually anything, from automobiles and their component parts to factory equipment, heavy machinery, and even household goods and pharmaceuticals.

Seek Compensation Today

Suffering a catastrophic injury at the hands of another can be devastating and life-altering. There will be profound changes in your life that will deeply affect you. We proudly seek justice and restitution for wrongfully injured people. Once we accept a case, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible, getting you the care you need now, while we aggressively prosecute your case.

We will assist with processing medical bills and see that you receive proper administration of any available insurance benefits. We want you to focus on healing while we focus on obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.

We have recovered millions of dollars for wrongfully-injured people who suffered tragic, life-altering injuries.  Put us to work for you to get your life back on track. Take the first step today and contact us about your case. All consultations are free and confidential. We do not receive payment until we obtain compensation for you. We have offices conveniently located in Hackensack, NJ, the historic Journal Square section of Jersey City, NJ, and in the heart of downtown Manhattan. We have professionals waiting to speak with you today about your New Jersey Personal Injury case.

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