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New Jersey is a densely populated state with a multitude of roadways. Essex County, in particular, has a number of densely populated cities, in addition to a number of high-speed roadways, including the Garden State Parkway, I-280, I-95, and Route 78. With such a high concentration of people and motor vehicles, it is no wonder that a significant number of motor vehicle accidents occur every year in Essex County.

When insurance companies are confronted with claims for damages in motor vehicle accidents, their first instinct is often to deny coverage, rather than offer to pay money for damages. Because there are many factors at issue in these cases, injured motorists should know their rights and options. Our law firm of experienced auto accident lawyers can help guide you through the process of pursuing compensation for your damages after a major traffic accident.

Dedicated to Our Clients

The injury lawyers at the Reinartz Law Firm have many years of experience helping motor vehicle accident victims secure medical treatment and compensation for a variety of economic and non-economic damages, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

We have knowledge of certain danger zones in our area and how factors like environment, construction, obstruction of view, and disrepair can contribute to the cause of a major motor vehicle accident. We also know the courts of Essex County, and frequently litigate claims for injured people in the State and Federal courts in Newark and elsewhere.

Cases accepted by the firm are thoroughly investigated. We get to know our clients and the details of their accident. We investigate the accident to determine the cause, and we make sure that all responsible parties are held accountable. We are the direct line of contact with your auto insurance company as well as any other insurance companies involved. We also work with medical insurance providers to ensure clients receive appropriate medical care.

Our top priority is our clients, and we strive to provide personal care and attention throughout the entire legal process. We let clients focus on recovering from their injuries, while we aggressively pursue compensation for all damages.

Investigating the Cause and the Damages

Often, motor vehicle accidents are caused by driver negligence. An example of an accident caused by driver’s neglect is where a vehicle stopped at a red light is rear-ended. These accidents, however, can be caused in a variety of other ways, by multiple responsible parties.

In some cases, construction work imposes hazards beyond the normal realm of slow-downs and inconvenience. Deceptive equipment or signage blocking drivers’ views can have a major impact on accidents and injuries. Debris or uneven roadways from work on pavement can also cause an accident. In cases like this, liability may attach to more than one party. This can include construction companies, subcontractors, municipalities, and equipment manufacturers.

Sometimes weather or natural obstructions can cause a motor vehicle accident. Trees and overgrowth need to be trimmed from roadways and signs. Fallen leaves, snow or ice can also hinder normal travel patterns, which can cause an accident and injury. It is usually a town or county’s responsibility to keep roadways and signs clear and visible. If road departments are not doing their job, or a city is not performing necessary work, they could potentially become liable for damages caused by a motor vehicle accident.

In the typical car accident scenario, the accident is caused by driver negligence or error. Texting while driving, failing to observe the roadway, and driving while intoxicated are just a few examples of driver negligence. When that driver is operating a commercial vehicle or truck, special rules may apply that work in favor of the injured person.

Product defects can also play a role in causing accidents. Car manufacturers frequently recall vehicles for parts that are not working correctly. Typically, these types of issues are discovered only after major accidents. If you believe defective equipment or machinery may have caused your accident, you should contact a lawyer so they can investigate.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

If you have ever filed a claim with your auto insurance company, you know it can be an arduous process from beginning to end. At the outset, you may be made to feel like you are at fault for the accident.

Medical insurance is no different. You may be bounced around from adjuster to adjuster, only to be given a list of providers who can’t do the procedures you need or to be told you can only receive treatment if you pay out of pocket.

Hassles with insurance companies make your suffering worse instead of better. You pay high premiums year-round for insurance to come to your aid when you need it, not to deny you coverage.

The Reinartz Law Firm handles communications with the insurance companies for clients to ensure that proper coverage is provided following an auto accident. It is usually right after an accident when it is most important to contact the appropriate insurance companies, to obtain coverage for medical treatment, and place liability carriers on notice of a claim against their insured. An attorney can also place an injured person’s health insurance company on notice of a claim and help to adjust any actual or alleged liens.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Lawsuits

Cases filed by The Reinartz Law Firm are prepared as if they will go to trial in order to maximize the value of the claim and obtain the maximum possible recovery for the client. This often involves retaining top expert witnesses in a variety of fields, including orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pain management experts, accident reconstruction experts, professional engineers, economists, and more.

These cases are typically venued in either the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division, or the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey.  These are courts of unlimited jurisdiction, meaning there is no cap on the amount of compensatory damages that may be sought, though the availability of punitive damages may be subject to restriction.

While the majority of cases filed in court are concluded by way of settlement, the firm will be prepared to try your case in the event a fair settlement cannot be achieved through pre-trial negotiation. Indeed, it remains our goal from day one to secure our clients the compensation they deserve.

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The Reinartz Law Firm is committed to Essex County and New Jersey motorists. We know that you want nothing more than what you deserve after your motor vehicle accident. From beginning to end, we will keep you involved and updated in your case.

No one enjoys being a victim, but you may take some comfort in knowing that your lawyer is fighting to get you the compensation you deserve from all parties responsible for causing your injuries. Contact us today to speak with a lawyer and learn your rights.