Essex County Premises Liability Lawyers

The Reinartz Law Firm is a leader in the legal community in Essex County and across all of New Jersey. We are a top-ranked premises liability firm, honored for our integrity and results as we seek justice for our clients. We have been recognized by our clients and the legal community for our expertise in dealing with owners and managers of businesses, retail establishments, apartment complexes, residences and developers for premises liability claims.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence or carelessness of a property owner or caretaker, we at the Reinartz Law Firm can help you recover compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Many times victims do not realize that they are owed compensation after injuries sustained on poorly maintained property. Or perhaps your accident occurred during a period of construction or renovation of the property, but there was no signage alerting you to potential dangers. These all fall under Premises Liability claims.

Fall Down Injuries

Premises Liability cases could include any type of fall-down injury, construction accident, shopping center accident, grocery store accident, animal bite, or even sports accident.

In order to be considered a Premises Liability case, we must determine that your injuries are a direct result of the state of the property on which your accident occurred at the time of your injury. While some premises liability cases can be extremely difficult to prove, we at the Reinartz Law Firm have extensive experience proving and winning substantial sums for our clients in these sorts of cases.

Our firm prides itself on information gathering and investigation. We not only work closely with you to get a full picture of what happened where and why, but we also send our own inspection team out to the site of your accident to investigate further. In cases where your accident was caused by the negligence in care or maintenance of property, we will work to prove Breach in the Duty of Care by the owner. Then we will show the direct links to prove Causation, which means your injuries were the direct result of those breaches.

Other Essex County Premises Liability Cases

Other types of Premises Liability could include dog bites or sports injuries. In these cases, we work to prove the dog owner’s responsibility for either lack of training or insufficient restraint. For sports injuries, we seek information to assert that your injuries were the result of aggression or carelessness of others, either individually or as a group to cause you harm.

The most common type of Premises Liability cases occur in public places like shopping malls or grocery stores. These types of incidents could be slip and fall accidents by inadequate maintenance, lack of signage or fallen objects. Likewise, poor lighting in parking lots and other unsafe environments that lead to injury or attack could be related to the owners’ negligence in caring for public safety.

We Can Help

No matter which type of Premises Liability your case falls under, The Essex County premises liability lawyers at the Reinartz Law Firm are well-versed in the legal requirements to bring these cases to court. We are confident and comfortable in the Essex County courts and our experience will lead to greater recovery for your injuries and losses.

Contact us today at the Reinartz Law Firm for all of your questions about Premises Liability in Essex County. We look forward to seeking justice for you.