Essex County Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Wet leaves, slush and ice, loose gravel, waxed floors, and loose carpets all have one thing in common. They are among the leading causes of most slip-and-fall injuries in New Jersey. Whether in residential or industrial, suburban or business, Essex County slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, in any season.

At the Reinartz Law Firm, we handle Essex County slip and fall accidents with integrity and attention to detail, making us one of the top ranked firms in the state. With accolades from our clients, our peers, and leaders in the legal community, our firm is dedicated to seeking justice for you after a slip and fall injury.

Get Help For Your Slip and Fall Case

It is common to feel helpless after a slip and fall injury. After all, most people assume clumsiness or distraction on the part of the victim. But in many cases, slip and fall injuries could have been prevented with a little care from the property owner. In those cases, having a law firm like Reinartz on your side could mean the difference between going bankrupt paying for treatment of your injuries or getting the help you are deserved.

Perhaps your fall occurred on an icy sidewalk or staircase that should have been shoveled and salted better. You may have stumbled over objects from a store display that had been strewn across public walkways. Maybe you tripped on uneven pavement or a concrete walkway. There are numerous elements that could have led to your accident that were in no way your fault. Yet now you are suffering the effects of others’ negligence.

What We Do

At the Reinartz Law Firm, we will work with you to determine the four pieces of your slip and fall case to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The first of these components is known as Duty of Care. This is the level of responsibility that falls on the property owners to take care of walkways, sidewalks, staircases and other public spaces on their land. Our firm will investigate and inspect the property to determine this Duty of Care where your accident occurred.

When landowners are negligent in the care of their property, that negligence can lead to dangerous conditions, resulting in injuries. This is known as Breach. No matter the reason, if the Duty of Care is not carried out by the landowners, they have breached their responsibility to the public, putting them in danger.

The next step is to prove that the property owner’s Breach in their Duty of Care is the direct cause of your accident. This is called Causation. Our team of lawyers will use the results of our inspection and the details of your incident to assert that the landowner’s Breach is the immediate reason your accident occurred.

Finally, we will compile proof through your medical bills, pain and suffering and the ripple effects that stemmed from your accident to calculate the Damages you are due as the victim.

Why Choose Us?

In choosing the Reinartz Law Firm for your slip and fall injury, you are getting one of the most experienced firms in Essex County. We are familiar with the Essex County courts and procedures, which will result in a smoother case for you. We have extensive experience in all matters of personal injury lawsuits, including slip and fall injuries. We have proven results for our past clients, resulting in millions of dollars in compensatory damages won.

Contact us today for your free consultation of your case. We are ready to seek justice for your Essex County slip and fall injury.